Successfully implement your strategy,

using model-based management and dynamic implementation planning

New Board Member

innoop AG elects Sandra Frank to the Board of Directors as of March 22, 2022. With her many years of experience, Sandra Frank is an ideal addition to the Board of Directors of innoop AG. Welcome Sandra Frank!

Our approach

Strategic decisions are a complex matter. Our mission is to provide the information you need for decision-making in an ever-changing business environment. Scalable, collaborative, and systematic: innoop’s products and services give you the tools required for your strategic decisions.


Fact-based control of strategic projects in real time

Proactive response

Hypothesis management for scenario-based action


Constant monitoring of scenarios and identification of promising development paths


DecisionNow helps you make faster and more appropriate and structured decisions about your company’s strategic initiatives. You will be able to immediately identify relevant information, continuously review the situation, and give yourself a crucial head start when it comes to successfully implementing your strategies. DecisionNow combines scenario planning techniques with innovative functions to ensure efficient information management. Smart algorithms facilitate sound, logical decisions, made at the right time – DecisionNow helps you successfully make wise decisions!


We help your company successfully roll out strategies, using model-based management and dynamic scenario planning.

  • Devise and further develop your strategy implementation framework based on the innoop approach
  • Establish a Business Fusion Center (BFC)
  • Benefit from support in helping your company get to grips with model-based management and dynamic scenario planning


Our skills set us apart.

Robin Breu

MSc in Engineering FH, DAS HSG

Proven expertise in building and operating “Fusion Centers” to holistically monitor and address risks and threats.

Michael Schläpfer

Dr. sc. ETH Zürich, EMBA HSG

Experience and passion in the targeted use of modern technologies.

Rolf Wagner

MSc ETH Zürich

Always focusing on customer benefits with a clear eye on quality and feasibility.

Andrin Rüedi

Dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatik, MAS FH

Entrepreneur focused on business information engineering and service innovation for clients.

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